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March 03, 2015

5 Emai Marketing tips that will boost Click-Through-Rates

Email has always been a powerful marketing channel and a tough sell, at the same time, for any company. Especially, in recent years, because of the explosion of mobile technology, people are used to reading lots of emails every day and decide to open only the most interesting or useful of them. So, if your email campaign is not set up properly, then you face the danger of failure.

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February 26, 2015

How IKEA Bg personalizes the email Experience, boosting open rates and click throughs.

IKEA, the scandinavian DIY and furniture company, is well known for the strategy they use to target their audience according to various criteria, and serve a more targeted experience to their customers. Today we are presenting you a significant case study from IKEA in Boulgaria, brought to us by our customer, Cloudbiz, a well known and leading provider of loyalty programs and CRM Systems.

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February 16, 2015

New PHP API Wrapper

A few months ago, we introduced you into our brand new Moosend Web API, which made your lives easier by providing a programmatic way to connect your apps with Moosend. As we have promised, a set of wrappers would be released to help you interface easily with our API without the need to decode JSON or create usable data structures.

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February 02, 2015

Not another ''Best time and day to send your email''

Please raise your hand if you have ever read a guide on choosing the best time and day to send an email. In case you are in the office with a bunch of people around you, just raise your finger a little bit. Come on!

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January 15, 2015

7 tips for political email campaigns that get you elected

Political marketing is by far one of our favourite topics here in Moosend, not only because it includes lot of psychology and neuroscience but also because of all the goofs that give us moments of great laughter and joy.

We thought it would be interesting and well timed to research the topic a little bit and give you some tips on how to handle your email campaigns. You see, we happen to get leads by lots of political bureaus especially during pre-elections period.

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