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April 11, 2014

Moosend not affected by the “Heartbleed Bug” – The data security threat and how you can protect yourselves

Security researchers announced this Tuesday a serious security flaw in open SSL, a popular data encryption standard used by the majority of websites who transmit data. It is a bug, called the “Heartbleed Bug”, found in the infrastructure that power services that transmit secure information, such as Facebook, Gmail etc. This bug gives hackers the ability to extract data from services that we use every day. This vulnerability lets them steal information from Web servers by tricking their encryption software. Even Canada shut down its Tax website to protect against the “Heartbleed Bug”. 

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April 08, 2014

Cross-list Segmentation filtering now made easy with “Fields from another Mailing List”

We are happy to introduce an enhancement to our world-class segmentation feature, the option to bring together “Fields from another mailing list” which enables cross-list Segmentation filtering. 

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March 17, 2014

Gmail unsubscribe option rocks the Email Marketing world once again

Once again Gmail comes to rock the world of Email Marketing, and Email will not be the same after this.

Gmail announced it now makes it even easier for subscribers to unsubscribe from legitimate Email Newsletters, that they have opted-in to receive, putting the “unsubscribe” option right next to the name and address of the sender. They announced the rollout at the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group conference in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.

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February 19, 2014

Introducing User Actions or "How do I keep track of purchases and user actions in my mailing list?"

We are happy to announce that User Actions are now live and available to all accounts (free , monthly and pay as you go plans). User Actions is a new feature that allows you to track what your users are doing on your website and their profiles on Moosend accordingly. Then you can segment your mailing lists by using data collected through this process (e.g. Find me everyone who has been browsing for tablets on my e-shop but without buying one). There is no better way to re-engage with your customers and find what they really want.

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February 01, 2014

Sweet and loving ideas for optimizing your Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns

At about this time of the year, you are probably in the process of planning your email campaigns for St. Valentine’s day, to capitalize on people’s willingness to spend money on this special occasion for their loving ones. Google reports an increase of 35% on daily searches concerning Valentine’s Day, with a peak on purchases at around the 5th of February, and the week of the 14th characterised by those last-minute buys. So here are some useful tips that could help you use your email campaigns to transform this special day to a great opportunity for your business.

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